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Just Amazing Alligator and Croc Photos from South Carolina

Posted By shoutabout,Date: 04.27.2008

Alligators are truly amazing creatures. We are so blessed to still see them all around South Carolina (like the Alligator Adventure and Huntington State Park in Myrtle Beach or Charles Towne Landing and Audubon Swamp Garden in Charleston, or Edisto Island Serpentarium in Edisto).

Bob the alligator with no tail

Just recently, Business Week published an article underscoring once more their excellent survival skills and importance to the human race. Apparently, alligators have super-potent proteins in their blood with the ability to fight off fungi, viruses and drug resistant super-bugs.

Researchers unleashed these proteins on 23 different strains of disease carrying bacteria. All of them were killed - a feat unequaled by any known human blood protein!

This post is an ode to one of the most magnificent and ancient animal on Earth. “You’re alright mate! You’re alright”…

Keep watching, respecting and protecting the South Carolina alligators!

Utan, King of Crocs, largest captive crocodile in North America, currently on display at Alligator Adventure in North Myrtle Beach

Utan the monster crocodile

The odd couple - Audubon Swamp at Magnolia Plantation near Charleston

Alligator and turtle sharing a moment under the sun

Alligator cooling off at Huntington Beach State Park

The prehistoric jaws of the South Carolina marshes

Baby gators swarming the stage - Alligator Adventure live presentation

Bunch of cute baby alligators at Barefoot Landing

Jumping for food - Alligator Adventure live feeding presentation

Live alligator feeding in North Myrtle Beach

The swamp ghost, albino alligator in North Myrtle Beach

Albino gator inside Alligator Adventure zoo at Barefoot Landing

If you liked these then you’ll rave about these “Jeepers-Creepers” photos of snakes from zoos in South and North Carolina.

Ssssso long!

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