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The Hunley Submarine mystery and replica operation video (things to do in Charleston and Columbia)

Posted By shoutabout,Date: 04.20.2008

To this day we don’t know what happened to the H.L. Hunley, the Confederate submarine built to help break the Civil War blockade. We do know it disappeared on the night of February 17 1864 after it sunk the Union ship the USS Housatonic (the world’s first submarine to do so in combat!)

Hunley submarine

If you are visiting Columbia you can see a full size replica at the State Museum. Of course, nothing beats the original, which can be admired in Charleston at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center (here is a Google Map with the location). While in the area and you’re hungry for more military adventure go visit the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier. It has dozens of “little” war planes waiting for you to play with!

Inside Hunley submarine

Interesting Hunley trivia
-Built in Mobile Alabama and hauled by train into Charleston
-Operated by 9 crewmen from one extraordinarily tight room…truly seating like sardines
-Prohibited to travel underwater by the Confederate commanders after 13 crewmen died in two accidents
-Reached the amazing speed of 2 knots in calm waters!
-Its observation ports had to be kept above the surface for the pilot to navigate

Let your children experience our country history in amazing South Carolina!

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    3 Responses to “The Hunley Submarine mystery and replica operation video (things to do in Charleston and Columbia)”

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    3. ashley nicole Says:

      that was a great thing to learn about. i have been in charleston many times. my grandpa was in the hospital for many years so i spent most of my life there.

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