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Utan King of Crocs (Myrtle Beach family attractions and fun things to do)

Posted By shoutabout,Date: 04.23.2008

Utan, The King of Crocs, is the largest crocodile ever exhibited in the United States, measuring 20 feet long and weighing in at more than 1000 pounds. And you can see him right here in beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina!

Utan King of Crocs

For the past 5 years he became the main attraction at the amazing Alligator Adventure “The Reptile Capital of the World” zoo. Imported from Thailand, Utan was transported to the U.S. via an enormous wooden crate during a long 10 days trip. For more information and tips to make the best of your Alligator Adventure family visit, see my previous post.

Tips to know before you go
Best time to see Utan is (you guessed it) at feeding time around 1 PM daily. You may want to get there early to grab a good photo spot as crowds gather quickly. There isn’t much shade so wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen and drink water often. No pain, no gain! Most of the day you will catch him napping under the sun. If you are lucky he may occasionally open his eyes and glance at you, but don’t hold your breath.

Here are some photos with this cutie “little” reptile…as beloved Steve Irwin used to say “you’re alright mate!” Click on each picture to get a full size view. Utan’s mug shot. No beauty contest winning here…

Utan’s front leg. Pure Power!

Utan King of Crocs leg

Just to get an idea of its enormous size take a look at this family picture with him in the background.

Utan in the background

Upclose photo of its skin…quite prehistoric looking!

Closeup skin

Kick-up your family vacation with Utan the King of Crocs!

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    6 Responses to “Utan King of Crocs (Myrtle Beach family attractions and fun things to do)”

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      [...] is still the King of Crocs, the largest crocodile to be exhibited in a zoo in North America. Tip! Feedings are Wednesdays and [...]

    6. Andre Deocampo Says:

      He is a monster crocodile. He should be the biggest in the world.

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