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Mirror Maze kids thriller fun at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach

Posted By ShoutCarolina,Date: 11.26.2008

Spooky, funny, mysterious. Twilight Zone meet Adams Family and La Vida Loca! Mirror Maze is located inside the beautiful Barefoot Landing shopping and family entertainment center in North Myrtle Beach. Better yet the Alligator Adventure zoo - “The Reptile Capital of the World” is just around the corner.

Entrance to Mirror Maze at Barefoot Landing

Things to know before you go
1. The “buttons scavenger hunt” amid spooky lasers and musical surprises it’s an all day family fun for just $7.99. You can enter as many times as you want. This is very convenient and a great bribe to keep your kids in check. Go shopping, eat, enjoy a walk on the boardwalk and cuddle the tiger cubs then come back for another “Halloween Party”.

TIP! Mention the $1 coupon on their website, they will honor it even if you don’t bring it with you. That’s great customer service worth shouting about!

2. As they name implies you get thrown into bunch of corridors walled by mirrors. Aside from making your way to the exit without losing your mind you also need to find 11 buttons…each with its own punch. “Trick or Treat?”

3. It’s even more fun to do it backwards. Watch out for the mural mirage. Lana went full throttle and bumped into the wall! Luckily she hit her knee first and not the head. A little drama to spice up our quest…

Inside Mirror Maze attraction

4. Maze tip: It helps orienting yourself when you keep your eyes on the ceiling that has subdued lighting and provides better visibility. I found it easier to make quick sharp turns rather than bouncing from wall to wall. Pick a direction and stick with it…eventually you’ll get there.

5. Right across the Mirror Maze entrance is a merry-go-around. It’s $2 to ride and another option to keep kids entertained.

Make sure to stop by the Alligator Adventure home to Utan The King of Crocs, the largest crocodile ever displayed in the US!

Here is a personalized map with other great family attractions in and around Myrtle Beach.

Enjoy your vacation on the Carolina Coast!

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