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Carolinas Snake Invasion

Posted By ShoutCarolina,Date: 02.08.2009

Snakes, snakes, snakes! Seems that everything you hear this days is about snakes. Well they deserve it. Snakes come in all shapes and sizes. They’re excellent climbers, swimmers, runners and even jumpers. Above all they’re the ultimate killing machine.

Just recently, giant Titanoboa vertebrae were found in the tropical rain forests of northern Colombia.

The now extinct Titanoboa, known as the largest snake to ever lived, was long as a school bus and thick as a barrel. He weighed over a ton and his spinal column bones were 5 inches across, twice the size of today’s giant Anaconda!

TV stations are buzzing about the Burmese Python invasion in South Florida.

Burmese python at Wilmington Serpentarium

Here on the pristine Carolina Coast and less than 90 minutes apart, we are privileged with 2 of the world’s most incredible and prestigious reptile zoos:

1. Alligator Adventure in North Myrtle Beach, is the self proclaimed “Reptile Capital of the World” (less than $20 admission, alligator feedings start in April)

2. Cape Fear Serpentarium in Wilmington ($8 admission, live feedings in the weekend at 3PM).

Some of the snakes on display at Alligator Adventure:
• Black White Lipped Python, Indonesian Water Python, Sumatran Blood Python, Royal Python
• Green Anaconda, Columbian Boa, Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Amazon Tree Boa
• Rhinoceros Viper, Yellow Eyelash Viper
• Green Mamba, Copperhead, Cotton Mouth, Pygmy Rattlesnake
• Western Hog-nosed Snake, Tentacle Snakes, Madagascan Twig-nosed Snake

Some of the snakes on display at Cape Fear:
Blackheaded bushmaster, King Cobra, Gaboon vipers, Burmese and Reticulated Pythons
• Black mambas, spitting cobras, tropical rattlers, giant Fer-de-lance, Green Anaconda

Below is a brief homage to all the slithering snakes! Sssssss….

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    1. silas Says:

      jeepers creepers.

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      [...] you liked these then you’ll rave about these “Jeepers-Creepers” photos of snakes from zoos in South and North [...]

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