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Mother Nature unleashed at the SC State Museum!

Posted By ShoutCarolina,Date: 02.24.2009

The United States has the widest range of natural disasters of any country in the world. At the SC State Museum you can now experience Mother’s Nature most devastating creations and learn how to protect yourself from these calamities. The Powers of Nature exhibit not only explores the science behind natural disasters but it also reveals incredible personal stories, photos and videos from people who were at the wrong time at the wrong place.

Giant hailstone at SC State Museum Powers of Nature exhibit

• Hurricane Andrew destruction
• How Galveston was wiped out (the country’s deadliest natural disaster)
• The Blizzard of 1996
• The earthquake that made Mississippi River go backwards
• Mount Vesuvius’ volcano horrors

Don’t worry it’s not all about doom and gloom. For once you can admire the world’s largest hail stone…Laugh at the cartoons depicting weird yet funny real-life tornado stories - courtesy of Ripley Believe it or Not. Like the one when a tornado delivered US mail for 140 miles from Georgia to Alabama!

1996 tornado delivers US mail from Georgia to Alabama!

Children have fun at the interactive stations. Here you can:
• Experience a tornado in an underground tornado shelter
Create your own thunderstorm and track a hurricane
• Practice earthquake emergency drills
• See hurricane hunters fly into the heart of monster hurricanes
• Test your construction skills building an earthquake-proof house
• Be a meteorologist for a day! Make your own weather map and do a live TV weather forecast

Live TV weather forecasting

Powers of Nature admission is $8 and includes entrance to the entire museum (Free for members). The exhibit is on the 2nd floor and runs through September 7, 2009.

Since you’re already inside the museum check out all the great things it has to offer. For example the Science and Technology exhibits are filled with cool and fun things to play with like a mini Mars rover, lasers applications, mechanical toys and balance games.

The SC State museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9AM to 5PM (1-5PM on Sundays).

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