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Free fun things to do with kids in winter at Cherry Grove Beach

Posted By ShoutCarolina,Date: 01.09.2011

My favorite South Carolina beach is Cherry Grove, minutes from North Myrtle Beach yet far from the hustle and bustle of the Grand Strand. We’ve vacationed here for 3 winters in a row now, and every time it gets better and better. We are so blessed with our own paradise right in our state’s backyard!

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Here is a summary with all the fun things to do at the beach (all free with the exception of pier fishing)

Take the dog for a walk or ride your bicycle on the wide hard sandy beach, perfect for walking, jogging and cycling.

Bicycling along the shores in South Carolina

Dare to go in the water! The temperature rarely goes below 50 degrees. These brave kids celebrated New Years Eve with a dive in the Atlantic Ocean!

Children swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in winter

Set sail on the calm inlet water to a nearby island to enjoy a peaceful getaway with family and friends.

Family fun floating in the water

Go fishing! One of the most popular fishing spots on the South Carolina coast is the pier at Cherry Grove Beach. All day pass is $1.50. Fishing fee is an extra $5. You can rent rods for $12 half day or $20 full day. There is also bait, tackle, fishing lines, restrooms and a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Most famous pier in Myrtle Beach

Feeding seagulls is always a fun activity for kids.

Playing with birds Cherry Grove Beach

Watch a variety of sea birds

When the tides change, clever Grackle scoop up crabs and shells near the inlet, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the intracoastal waterway.

Crow or Grackle carrying food at Cherry Grove Beach

Brown pelicans rule the air. They often fly in formation and one by one dive down for fish near the pier. You can’t help but think of F-16 fighter jets…stealth, fast and precise!

Bron pelican hunting near the Atlantic shores

Shutterbugs rejoice! At Cherry Grove beach you’re rewarded every day with amazing pictures of birds, dolphins, and breathtaking sunrises, sunsets, and seascapes.

Amazing sea birds in the wild in South Carolina

Collect one of a kind sea shells. Beware it’s addictive…once you start you’ll be hunting for hours. I found the best shells near the inlet.

Conch, snail, clams, crab shells hunting at the beach

Best treat of all, watch dolphins swim by the shores every evening. That was the highlight of our winter vacation at Cherry Grove Beach…and it was free!

Your winter vacation is best at Cherry Grove Beach!

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    2 Responses to “Free fun things to do with kids in winter at Cherry Grove Beach”

    1. Beth Stewart Says:

      I think your picture under “clever crows scoop up crabs and shells near the inlet” is actually a Grackle. Note the yellow eyes.

    2. ShoutCarolina Says:

      Hi Beth

      I stand corrected! Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog.


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