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Baby koala, giraffe thriving at Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia best family outing

Posted By ShoutCarolina,Date: 02.21.2011

Riverbanks Zoo’s newest kids in town are Owen the koala joey and Isabelle the giraffe Southern belle.

Owen was born last May to parents Lottie and Jimmie and spent 7 months growing in his mother’s pouch before making his first public appearance. The size of a jellybean at birth, the koala joey travels to its mother’s pouch where it nurses for several months, just like his bigger marsupial cousins the kangaroos and the wallabies.
Owen, 9 months old koala joey with his mother Lottie
Overtime you can see an arm, a leg, and even the head peeking out of the pouch as the joey starts to explore the world.

Nowadays Owen spends most of his day clinging to mom’s back or cozily tucked around her belly.

He will be weaned from his mother when he turns one and someday will be transferred to another zoo based on recommendations from the Species Survival Plan.
Owen is the second offspring for Jimmie and the fourth for Lottie. What great parents!

Isn’t she a cutie? Isabelle was born last September, the fifth baby giraffe successfully breed at Riverbanks Zoo since 2009! Zoo staff boasts that Isabelle is quite a big girl, even by giraffe standards…

Babies giraffes bonanza at Riverbanks Zoo

Did you know? The giraffe’s neck has the same number as vertebrae as humans, 7! To munch on grass the baby giraffe’s has to spread out her legs, then lower her might neck.

Cute baby giraffe at Riverbanks Zoo

Yara, is the newest baby mammal born at Riverbanks Zoo. She’s now about 6 months old and ready to take on the world! Yara is a Hamadryas baboon, which is currently considered a vulnerable specie. See more pictures here.

Yara the cutest baby monkey in Columbia

What else is new at Riverbanks Zoo?
Kids have another climbing opportunity, the Coconut Climb, located next to the rock climbing one. Admission is $3 per person and there are height/weight requirements.
Wild adventure fun downtown Columbia
The $8 for 10 Safari bucks is no longer offered (too bad, I really enjoyed this one).

Now you can get the $28.75 combo pass, which includes admission and unlimited rides/climbs.

Admission (subject to change)
• Adults $11.75
• Children (3-12) $9.25; under 3 get in FREE
• Seniors $10.75
• Free Fridays for Richland and Lexington counties residents

Attractions (subject to change)
• $5 Pony ride
• $3 Rock/coconut climb
• $2 train ride
• $2 3D theater
• $1 carousel
• $1 lorikeets feeding

It never gets old watching the Odd Couple…
Most exotic popular wild animals Columbia SC
For kids and grownups alike, Chaka and Mike, the two silverback gorillas are always a sight to remember, anytime you come to Riverbanks Zoo.

On our Valentine’s weekend visit we were lucky to attend during feeding time (around 2PM).

We were all glued to the plexiglas, watching their every move.

Mike sat propped up on the hill waiting for food to land at his feet.

Chaka preferred to forage for food near the wall, delicately and precisely picking up treats from the ground.

The kangaroos have settled in nicely into their new home at the zoo.
I love the fact that you can walk through the exhibit and watch them go through their daily routines from literally few feet away.

The Outback friends are here in Columbia

Funny moment…
Like the legendary condor
At the giraffe exhibit, we noticed a young giraffe male teasing one of the vultures in the enclosure.

He repeatedly “charged” the poor bird, by lowering the head and swinging his strong neck every time the vulture settled in.

The vulture eventually had enough and moved away…Here it is soon after the embarrassment, with his majestic wings fully spread to soak in the sun.

Have a great family adventure at Riverbanks Zoo, still the best outdoor thing to do with kids in Columbia!

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