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Beautiful South Carolina

Charleston free things to do “We beat the pants off them” at Fort Moultrie

Posted By shoutabout,Date: 03.01.2008

A short drive from Charleston, Fort Moultrie is most famous for its ingenous palmetto tree wall defense against the British cannon balls, during the June 28, 1776 Revolutionary War battle.

Besides birthing the state flag symbol, another history nugget is that at Fort Moultrie the “We beat the pants off them” aphorism was also coined. Legend [...]

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Cypress Gardens - From “Carolina Gold” to Floating Hearts Family Fun (Charleston outdoor things to do with kids)

Posted By shoutabout,Date: 02.29.2008

I’m at the Cypress Gardens swamp park (30 minutes drive from Charleston). The boat pulls slowly towards the dock radiating a familiar big band tune. Nice, we’re getting radio too. Nope, that was Frank, the boat guide. Even better, we will be serenaded thru the flowered bordered black water swamp meanders. Along the way [...]

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Annoyed Gorilla Takes Off After Phone Rings Riverbanks Zoo video

Posted By shoutabout,Date: 02.28.2008

Even the Great Ape can’t put up with annoying cell phones!

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Riverbanks Botanical Gardens: things to do at the zoo (in photos)

Posted By shoutabout,Date: 02.22.2008

Hosted in the same park as the zoo, the Botanical Garden it’s a horticultural delight anytime of the year. There are free shuttles to and from the zoo every 20 minutes.

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

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Daniel Island: “Love Thy Neighbor” wildlife photo encounters

Posted By shoutabout,Date: 02.10.2008

One summer evening we were coming home from school. As I was turning the car around the dolphins’ water fountain I caught sight of a 5 feet alligator sunbathing on the little pond beach across the parking lot. I stopped the car, yanked Lana from the seat, and with her in my arms ran the [...]

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